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5 Tips To Take Your Curb Appeal From Dull To Delightful!

5 Real Estate Tips

If you are able to snag the attention of potential buyers right as they pull up to your home, then you are doing something right! The first impression is the most important when it comes to selling homes. In the real estate industry, this is what we call “curb appeal”.  There are many ways to increase your curb appeal and catch potential buyers’ attention. Consider these simple home improvement tasks when preparing for a showing:

  1. Repaint your front door. Don’t shy away from color! A bright red door will grab buyers’ attention from the start.
  2. Make your entryway more symmetrical. We are drawn to symmetrical figurations; therefore, you should consider arranging your potted plants, light fixtures, and other features into symmetrical arrangements.
  3. Beautify your mailbox! Coordinate the post with the color of your door, or plant lovely flowers around it.
  4. Purchase an intriguing piece of outdoor art. Regardless of whether you like sculptures fountains or wind chimes, your curb appeal will go through the roof!
  5. Redo your gutters. Old gutters usually come with unsightly rust stains. Consider installing a copper gutter system that adds both beauty and function.

Dressing up your home’s exterior is not something you will regret when it comes time to sell! Do everything you can to steal buyers’ interest from the second they lay eyes on your lovely home.

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