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Awesome restaurants in Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach may be known for its miles of coastline and upscale shopping destinations, but it has something else that deserves equal attention – a growing culinary scene.  Start exploring the city’s food scene at these top-notch N...

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2022 smart home trends you should know about

Smart home technology has proven to be an essential part of any home. Whether it’s an app, device, or service, smart home technology is here to stay. As technology continues to grow and evolve, here are the smart home trends to keep your ...

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Make the Most of Your Night in Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach's landscape and scenery may be best admired during the day, but the city at night is electrifying and even romantic. Whether you are out to explore Newport Beach alone, meeting up with friends, or wooing a special someone, her...

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These are the Home Features Buyers Want This Year

Outdoor space, flexible rooms, plenty of storage— what are the home features that are highly in demand this 2022? The Yoshikane-Toyama Real Estate Group listed a few below to help you make the necessary plans for your eventual home sale. ...

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How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

To say that a lot goes into selling a home is an understatement. Your tasks start well before listing it on the market, like getting your finances in order and finding an agent to sell your home. Depending on your unique situation, othe...

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Real estate trends in Newport Beach, CA

California’s housing market has historically been a strong influencer in the overall real estate climate of the country. That’s because it carries a huge chunk of the nation’s most expensive properties to date. Expensive zip codes...

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