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Best things to do in Newport Beach, CA

A whole lot of shoreline, wide-open green spaces and rolling hills, and eternally clear skies to boot -- this is what living in Newport Beach is all about. With such an interesting topography, one can expect a whole slew of activities to en...

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A young couple doing up their hallway

Home improvement ideas for 2022

As 2021 slowly draws to a close, why not amp up the optimism for 2022 with the latest trends in home improvement? Here are some expert-recommended ideas to raise your home’s value, as well as to make it more functional, safer, and a joy t...

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Going Social

We’re Going Social!

On top of releasing our new innovative website, we have also updated our Facebook page. You can now communicate with us through whichever platform you prefer. We would love to receive feedback and find out what topics you want to learn a...

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